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How to Sell... The EASY Way!

Selling your furniture with Upscale Consignment is easier and faster than you ever thought possible. That's because you can do everything right from the comfort of your home! When your items sell, you receive a check for 50% of the selling price.

The majority of consignments sell within the first 30 days, and many pieces within the first few days!

Let the experts at Upscale Consignment do all the pricing, marketing, and selling, while you just relax and cash the checks!

Ready to consign right now? Click here to send us your photos.
Ready to consign Jewelry? Click here to send us your photos.

The Upscale Consignment Consignor's Advantage!

  • You receive 50% of the selling price.
  • Huge exposure in our storefront as well as our very popular online showroom means a broader audience for your items and a faster sale.
  • We maintain an Online Wish List for thousands of customers who will be notified immediately if your items match those on their Wish List.
  • Free online account access means you can keep track of your consignments 24/7.
  • The fact that we are the largest consignment store in the Northwest with 22,000+ sq. ft., draws customers from near and far.
  • Pickup service is available by a licensed, bonded, and insured moving service.
  • Secondary market pricing professionals assist you with price setting.
  • Proven pricing structure ensures your item sells at the best market price possible.

3 easy steps to consign:

  1. Pre-approval and Preparation
    • Please make sure your items meet our acceptance requirements In general terms, we accept items that are less than 10 years old, in like-new condition, and of a style that has strong demand.
    • High-resolution photos of each item sent via our online Consignment Request Form or by email are required for pre-approval. We request that you do not bring in photos on your camera or phone, as there is not always a consignment specialist on hand and available to look at your items.
      • Please do not bring in any items that have not been expressly pre-approved. 
    • All consignments are subject to our final inspection and stringent quality standards.*
  2. Delivery To Our Showroom
    • You may bring in your pre-approved items any day between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you need assistance brining your items in, we can recommend a professional pick up service. The cost for the service is very competitive and varies depending on the number of items and other specifics of the job.
  3. Pricing
    • After arrival, each of your items will go through a thorough inspection to determine quality and condition. Our pricing specialist will then review the inspection report while also inspecting your items, and then recommend pricing with consideration given to condition, quality of construction, manufacturer, original purchase price, style, and demand of the item. We view each consignment as a partnership. It is in everyone's interest to price items at a fair market value that would realistically sell within 30 days.
    • We use automatic price discounting to ensure that your item sells quickly, and at the correct market price. Automatic price discounting means that the price is reduced by 5% every 30 days until the item is sold.

That's all there is to It!

Ready to consign right now? Click here to send us your photos.
Ready to consign JEWELRY? Click here to send us your photos.

*Pick up fees are non-refundable. Please be certain that the furniture to be consigned meets our guidelines before requesting a pick up.