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1. Is everything in your store also on your online showroom?

Items that start at less than $50, and items that were received within the past week may not be on the website. And some items sell so fast they never make it to the website!

2. What does "Automatic Price Discounting" mean?

All used items are subject to automatic price discounting, which means that the price is reduced by 5% every 30 days until it sells. Our price tags clearly show the item's current price, and the discounting schedule.

3. How can I purchase an item on its next markdown date?

On the day of an item’s markdown, it will be sold on a first come, first served basis. In the event that more than one person is waiting for a markdown item when the store opens, the item will be sold to the first person who tells an Upscale associate that they wish to purchase the item. Phone and Internet orders for markdown items will be held until one-half hour after opening. This policy is in the interest of fairness, as priority will be given to those who make the effort to come in to the store.

4. Why do some furniture and decor items only have one price on the tags? Do they ever get discounted?

Some consignments and items that we sell are new, such as model home furnishings, liquidation and overstock items, clearance items, factory seconds, and smaller décor items. These items will have no mark downs because the price is already at its lowest acceptable price.

5. Are the prices negotiable, or will you contact the consignor with offers?

All prices and dates on the tags are firm. And, out of fairness to all customers, we will not contact the consignor with offers. The prices and price reduction schedules are set by contract with each individual consignor, and our store policy prevents us from contacting them with offers.

6. Can I get a discount for buying multiple items?

Other furniture stores build in extra profit margin in their prices so they can offer you discounts to pressure you into buying additional pieces. At Upscale Consignment, we don't play that game. Everything is already priced at its lowest acceptable price, so you know you are getting a great deal whether you are buying one piece, or a whole houseful.

7. Do you offer delivery? How much does it cost?

We do provide a delivery service for a fee. The fee for the service is variable depending on the number of items and other specifics of the job. Please click our Pick Up and Delivery menu link for more details.

8. If I pick-up, will you help load my items?

While we're happy to help you load your items into your vehicle, insurance regulations prohibit us from securing the items. Remember to bring your own blankets, rope, or tie downs as we do not provide these items.

9. If I buy something, can I pick it up later? How long do I have?

Due to our limited storage area, we ask that you make arrangements to pick up your items as soon as possible. Items that are not picked up within 7 days will be charged $10 per day per item. Please note that items will remain on the showroom floor until they are picked up and Upscale Consignment will not be responsible for any damage that may occur between the time the item is purchased and when it is picked up. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.