Mon - Sat 10am - 6pm | Sun 10am - 5pm

What type of jewelry do you accept?

We accept fine jewelry of the type that would be found in a jewelry store: diamonds, gemstones, gold, platinum, pearls, jade, high-end watches, and high-end designer jewelry.

How much will I receive from the sale?

You will receive 60% of the selling price.

When will I be paid for items that have sold?

Consignor checks are available for in-store pick up on the 10th of the month for items sold during the previous month. Checks that are not picked up by the 30th will automatically be mailed.

Do I need to make an appointment?

It depends. If you have fewer than 7 items, it is not necessary to schedule an appointment. Just drop in during our walk-in hours Friday through Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. Please be sure to bring in whatever paperwork you may have such as purchase receipts, grading reports or appraisals.

If you have 7 or more items, an appointment is encouraged. Please click here to submit a jewelry consignment request with information on your items along with a requested date and time.

Or just give us a call at 503-650-6351 and ask to speak with the gemologist.

How is the sales price established?

Pricing is determined by several factors such as condition, style demand, craftsmanship, rarity and comparable sales of similar items.

Can I price my own jewelry?

You may recommend an amount to consider, however we cannot accept consignments we feel won't sell because the price is too high. Most consignors are very pleased with our price recommendations as they provide a fair return and a quick sale.

Can I put a minimum sales price on my items?

You have options regarding the selling price. You can specify that the price is to remain firm, or to accept offers within a certain percentage of the ticket price (for example, offers within 90% of ticket price) or to be contacted with all offers.

Do you charge extra to post my items onto your Online Showroom?

This additional exposure is provided at no charge. We are the only consignment store in the northwest that maintains an online database in real time of items offered for sale in our store.

How long is the consignment period?

The consignment period is 6 months.

What if my items haven't sold by the end of the consignment period?

We will contact you at the end of your consignment period to see if you would prefer to reduce the price of any un-sold jewelry or if you would prefer to pick your items up.