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Zuni Tribe Guardians Heishi Fetish Necklace


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Zuni Tribe Guardians Heishi Fetish Necklace

Native American fetish necklace is made with small fetishes that are drilled and strung like beads with fine shell, turquoise and jet heishi in between.
Fetishes are believed to hold magical powers and protect the owner or craftsmen from various problems of mind or body. This particular Zuni fetish necklace is a Guardian's necklace.
Zuni Indians believe in the six cardinal guardian fetishes. Each guardian fetish guards one of the six directions: the mountain lion is the guardian of the North, the badger guards the South, the bear defends the west, and the wolf is the guardian of the East. The mole is the guardian of the inner Earth and the eagle is the guardian of the Sky. 

  • Manufacturer = Zuni Tribe
  • Length = 18 in
  • Gemstone = Shell
  • Condition = Exc. Cond.

Item ID: 82084

Category: Necklace

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