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Native American Sterling Silver Red Coral Shadowbox Cuff


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Native American Sterling Silver Red Coral Shadowbox Cuff

Vintage Native American sterling silver cuff bracelet is crafted with three shadowboxes with scalloped edges. The shadowboxes feature Native American stamps representative of the heritage of the tribe. Within each box is an oval red coral stone which contrasts nicely against the oxidized backdrop of each box.

In order to preserve the original vintage integrity of our items, we do not polish them. We have found that many customers prefer the warm patina of a vintage, unpolished piece. If you, however, prefer a brilliant shine rather than the patina that comes with age, most items can be easily polished by a jeweler.

  • Designer = Signed W
  • Material = Sterling Silver
  • Gemstone = Coral
  • Shape/Cut = Oval Cabochon
  • Gem Color = Red
  • Weight (Grams) = 24.7 G
  • Condition = Vintage

Item ID: 85864

Category: Bracelet

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