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Vintage Persian Islamic Carved Intaglio Carnelian Bracelet


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Vintage Persian Islamic Carved Intaglio Carnelian Bracelet

Vintage Persian carved carnelian stone amulet link bracelet features nine different intaglios, box clasp with the engraving "IRAN" and a safety chain. All carvings are on the front of each link only, the backs are smooth. One link is stamped 1/20 12K GF. The plating has mostly worn off revealing a non-magnetic alloy underneath. #90 #A


I'm not able to decipher what the carvings represent but did find a similar bracelet on Ruby Lane that had the following: " Bracelet has seven Islamic intaglios. We were told the carvings or illustrations appear to be more Mughal than Persian and are the names of different individuals including Abraham the Profit. We also were told the two end seals do not bear names. All are carved on the front only." 

  • Gemstone = Carnelian
  • Weight (Grams) = 20.3 Grams
  • Length = 8 in

Item ID: 86589

Category: Bracelet

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