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Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II Men's Watch


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Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II Men's Watch

The Oyster Perpetual 16710 GMT Master II is an important piece of Rolex history because it introduced the brand's iconic pilot's companion to a refined case and movement. Before the release of the 16710, the GMT Master II featured a much bulkier movement and, thus, a fatter case profile. The ref. 16710 boasts a slimmed-down case and movement for an effortless hold on the wrist. This watch is circa 2000

This watch is also equipped with a waterproof screw-down crown and a sapphire crystal over the dial, making it more than ideal for daily wear as well as avid travel. The ref. 16710 for sale here is a stunning black bezel edition of the GMT Master II that is highly coveted among used Rolex collectors in-the-know.

Includes the original Rolex leather-bound wooden gift box, felt pouch and cloth, owner's manuals, bezel insert, Certificate of Authenticity, and 5 year warranty.  

This watch was just overhauled and refinished, authenticated, and appraised by The Watch Buyer's Group.   Below are the details of the overhaul and 5 year warranty:

Overhaul & Refinish
Complete hand disassembly of watch and movement. Separation and ultrasonic cleaning of individual movement components. Fix-A-Drop (Epilame) treatment and application of synthetic lubricants to friction points during hand reassembly. Replacement of gaskets around the case-back and winding crown and subsequent (wet) pressure test to manufacturer depth ratings. Re-casing of movement, dial, and hands. Additional (dry) pressure test. 8 position timegrapher calibration to the timing accuracy standards set by the manufacturer. 48 hour test of the automatic. And, unless otherwise specified, the watch will be refinished (polished) to factory specifications. This includes brushed, high-polished, and bead-blasted finishes. 

Part Replaced: Mainspring
Coiled spring converts tension into the power necessary to drive the hands. Stored tension (power reserve) is generated through manual winding and/or the motion of the rotor. Rolex Original part.

Part Replaced: Automatic Axle
Centered, bi-directional pivot point that affixes the oscillation weight (rotor) to the movement. Rolex Original part.

Part Replaced: Sliding Pinion "Clutch"
Engages/disengages the Winding Stem to allow for setting of the Hands. Rolex Original part.

Part Replaced: Spring Bar
Spring loaded tube that secures bracelet to case at lugs through end-piece. Rolex Original part.

Part Replaced:  Bracelet Link
Stainless steel Oyster link with screw. Rolex Original part.

Watch Repair + 5 Year Warranty
The warranty included with this repair guarantees that: Any/all costs (parts, labor, shipping, etc.) necessary to remedy functionality and/or timekeeping-accuracy issues that arise during the course of “normal wear/usage” will be paid for by The Watch Buyers Group for the duration of the stated warranty period. This warranty excludes physical damage, water damage, and failure of exterior components such as the winding crown or bracelet. A warranty is not an insurance policy and this warranty is therefore void upon the occurrence of impact.

  • Manufacturer = Rolex
  • Material = Stainless Steel
  • Condition = Exc. Cond.

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Category: Men's Jewelry

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