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Vintage Navajo Silversmith Lee Thompson Turquoise & Cat's Eye Bear Paw Cuff


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Vintage Navajo Silversmith Lee Thompson Turquoise & Cat's Eye Bear Paw Cuff

Price reduced Vintage Native American sterling silver cuff designed by Navajo silversmith Lee Thompson, is set with three turquoise rough stones (~ 16mm- 28mm  and two ~8mm-13mm) and two cat's eye or tiger's eye polished rough stones (~12mm-18mm)and is crafted with bear paw embellishments and a carved foliate and coiled design. Cuff has an inside diameter of 2.75", an opening of 1.75" and a width of 1.75". 

In order to preserve the original vintage integrity of our items, we do not polish them. We have found that many customers prefer the warm patina of a vintage, unpolished piece. However, if you prefer a brilliant shine rather than the patina that comes with age, items can be easily polished by a jeweler. 

  • Designer = Lee Thompson
  • Manufacturer = Navajo Silversmith
  • Material = Sterling Silver
  • Metal Finish = Bright Polish Finish
  • Gemstone = Turquoise
  • Shape/Cut = Rough
  • Gem Color = Turquoise
  • 2nd Gemstone = Cat's Eye Quartz
  • 2nd Shape/Cut = Rough
  • 2nd Gem Color = Multicolor
  • Weight (Grams) = 78.10G
  • Measurements = 1.75"(w)
  • Condition = Good Cond.

Item ID: 95403

Category: Bracelet

Note: This item has been inspected and appraised by a GIA Graduate Gemologist Appraiser.

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All diamond and gemstone grading is done under GIA standards as the mounting permits. All gemstone weights and measurements are approximate. Unless otherwise stated, colored gemstones may have commonly used clarity and color enhancing treatments per industry standards.

Prospective buyers should note that all jewelry we sell is 'used' and will likely have some amount of wear, we warranty that the item will be essentialy as we have described it, but no other warranties are expressed or implied, and all items are sold 'as is'.

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