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  • La-Z-Boy Power Recliner w/Options

    Power Recliner w/Options features power adjustable headrest and lumbar support, dual motor operation, horizontal tufted back, and pillowtop arms.
    Retails at  $1479.00
  • La-Z-Boy Recliner

    Recliner features a textured burnt-orange chenille upholstery, horizontal tufted back, pillowtop arms, full body chaise, and handle operation.
  • La-Z-Boy Swivel Rocking Chair

    Swivel Rocking Chair features a light yellow textured upholstery, tufted back cushion, reversible seat, and straight arms that curve up to the back.
  • La-Z-Boy Twin Sleeper Chair

    Twin Sleeper Chair features reversible seat and back cushions, cream/yellow tweed upholstery, welted edges, and includes 2 matching throw pillows.
    Retails at  $1000.00
  • La-Z-Boy Burgundy Wingback Recliner

    Burgundy Wingback Recliner features diamond print upholstery, push-back operation, rolled arms, and maple cabriole legs.
  • La-Z-Boy Push back Recliner

    Push back Recliner features slightly flared arms, welted edges, and cherry finish wooden legs.
  • La-Z-Boy Brown Power Double Reclining Sofa

    Brown Power Dual Reclining Sofa features textured brown chenille upholstery, crescent shaped tufted accent along headrest and footrest, pillow top arms, and power recline mechanism.
  • La-Z-Boy Sandstone Swivel Recliner

    Sandstone Swivel Recliner features mottled brown/tan chenille upholstery, tufted back and chaise, slanted pillow top arms, swivel base, and manual recline lever.
  • La-Z-Boy Dual Reclining Sofa

    Dual Reclining Sofa features sandstone colored chenille upholstery, slanted pillow top arms, tufted back and chaise, and a manual recline lever at each side.
  • La-Z-Boy Red Oversize Chair

    Red Oversize Chair features red fabric upholstery with welted edges, slanted arms, reversible back and seat cushions, and 2 matching throw pillows.
  • La-Z-Boy Red Pushback Recliner

    Red Pushback Recliner features textured dark red chenille upholstery with welted trim, rolled arms, tight back, tapered legs, and manual push-back recline mechanism.
  • La-Z-Boy Set of 3 Metal Leaves Wall Art

    Set of 3 Metal Leaves Wall Art feature metal composition with brown and verdigris finishes.
  • La-Z-Boy Air Mattress Sleeper Sofa

    Air Mattress Sleeper Sofa features luxury mattress with air cushion top (includes electric air pump), textured teal upholstery with horizontal tufted backs and pillowtop arms.
  • La-Z-Boy Brown Three Seat Sofa

    Brown Three Seat Sofa features textured brown chenille upholstery with green and red accents, rolled arms, a tight divided back, and a 3-seat layout with reversible cushions.
  • La-Z-Boy Burgundy Dual Reclining Sofa

    Burgundy Dual Reclining Sofa features wall hugging manual recline, plush dark red microfiber upholstery, tufted backs, and pillow top arms.
  • La-Z-Boy Slate Green Rocking Recliner

    Slate Green Rocking Recliner features textured green chenille upholstery with multi-color undertones, padded arms, tufted back, and manual recline lever at the side.
  • La-Z-Boy Skirted Green Sofa

    Skirted Green Sofa features a 2-seat layout, green chenille upholstery with welted trim, rolled arms, and skirted trim.
  • La-Z-Boy Luxury Lift Recliner

    Luxury Lift Recliner features red chenille upholstery, pillowtop arms, button tufted back cushion and footrest.
  • La-Z-Boy Brown Rocking Recliner

    Brown Rocking Recliner features rolled arms, tufted back, and full body chaise
  • La-Z-Boy Plaid Club Chair

    Plaid Club Chair features plaid chenille upholstery in olive, plum, and beige with welted edges, attached back cushions, reversible seat cushion, and skirted trim.
  • La-Z-Boy Plaid Club Chair

    Plaid Club Chair features rolled arms, skirted trim, and plaid upholstery in blue, green, and red with welted edges.