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Handmade 14K Gold "Father Sun" & "Man in the Maze" Pendant & 14K 22" Chain


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Handmade 14K Gold "Father Sun" & "Man in the Maze" Pendant & 14K 22" Chain


Handmade using the Hopi overlay method, the designs of this double sided pendant are the Man in the Maze & Father Sun. Pendant is crafted with 14 karat yellow gold and features the bear paw, the stamp of the art's bear clan. Necklace includes 14 karat yellow gold 22" chain with lobster clasp.

The legend of the "man in the maze" helps children understand the meaning of life. The maze depicts experiences and choices we make in our journey through life. It illustrates the search for balance - physical, social, mental, and spiritual. In the middle of the maze are found a person's dreams and goals. Legend says when we reach the center, the Sun God is there to greet us, bless us and pass us into the next world. 

#90 #A. 

  • Artist = Hopi Artist Ricky Coochwytewa
  • Material = 14K Gold
  • Condition = Mint Cond.
  • Weight (Grams) = 13.2G
  • Length = 22 in

Item ID: 87038

Category: Necklace

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