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Ferruccio Laviani's "Orbital' Floor Lamp by Foscarini


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Ferruccio Laviani's "Orbital' Floor Lamp by Foscarini

Designer Ferruccio Laviani's "Orbital' Floor Lamp by Foscarini features hyper modern styling, 3-legged metal base, and abstract multi-color glass shades.  Made in Italy.


Orbital is Ferruccio Laviani’s debut lamp, designed in 1992. This lighting object decorates with the boldness of a sculpture; a true icon of lighting design. The lamp’s structure is essentially made up of three parts: a moveable tripod, made from laser-cut metal sheet that supports a lacquered metal rod. Five arms extend from the rod and on these arms are diffusers made from serigraphic, industrial glass. Each slab has its own unique shape for a bold overall graphic effect which is particularly evident in the white version. The colored diffusers, on the other hand, evoke a surrealist painting when the lamp is switched off. When the lamp is switched on, these mosaic glass strips create an illusion. The diffusers are satin-finished on the outside to give texture to the color and enhance the shapes but glossy on the inside to reflect the light. 

  • Manufacturer = Foscarini
  • Condition = Exc. Cond.
  • Style = Modern Style
  • Color = Multi-Color

Item ID: 90171

Category: Floor Lamp

Height Width Length/Depth
69 " 29 " 29 "
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