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4' Bronze Sculpture 'Brave Bear' By Marie Barbera


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4' Bronze Sculpture 'Brave Bear' By Marie Barbera


Bronze Sculpture by
Marie Barbera
“Brave Bear”
Limited edition #8/30

Price Reduced! 

Marie Barbera is a sculptress/artist of world renown; her work has been sold throughout the world. She is now 86, retired, and has closed her studio in CA.  Her work was sold exclusively in galleries.  She always maintained she was connected to the Indian spirit world of her subjects.  

Brave Bear was originally purchased by a wealthy collector in Palm Springs, who had a whole house full of Native American sculptures.  His wife died and he re-married, and his new wife didn't care for the art work so he consigned most of it to a local gallery there in California. It is believed that the original Certificate of Authenticity got left behind at this gallery, which is now closed. A photo of the actual Certificate of Authenticity is available.  

  • Artist = Marie Barbera
  • Condition = Exc. Cond.
  • Limited Edition = Limited Edition
  • Material = Bronze
  • Signed = Signed
  • C.O.A. = C.O.A.

Item ID: 90232

Category: Sculpture

Height Width Length/Depth
49 " 27 " 33 "
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