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  • Set/2, Floral Tapestry Prints

    Set/2, Floral Tapestry Prints
  • Pablo Picasso "The Kept Woman"

    "The Kept Woman". Art dealer liquidation. Limited edition is numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity.
  • Class Clown - Whimsical Animal Artwork

    Class Clown - Whimsical Animal Artwork
  • Carol Mason Original Sunflower Artwork

    Original watercolor sunflower artwork with olive matting in a carved matte gold composite frame.
  • Floral Artwork - Red Flower

    Single red flower artwork with blue, green & beige matting in a heavily distressed multi-color frame.
    Retails at  $350.00
  • To Kill a Mockingbird - Whimsical Artwork

    To Kill a Mockingbird - Whimsical Artwork
  • Racoon Artwork

    Racoon Artwork, silver frame
  • Fox Artwork

    Fox Artwork, Silver Frame
  • Uttermost Metal Mosiac Wall Art

    Scrolling mosaic metal wall art with red & brown undertones in a hammered frame with a mottled finish.
    Retails at  $385.00
  • Purple Grape Artwork

    Purple grape artwork in a factory distressed, scooped frame with brushed bronze details and a mottled finish.
  • Green Grape Artwork

    Green grape artwork in a factory distressed, scooped frame with brushed bronze details and a mottled finish.
  • Bedtime Inc. Wall Mirror

    Arched wall mirror in a natural maple frame with a semi-gloss finish and carved botanical designs.
    Retails at  $199.00
  • Anatoly Metlan "A Stunning View"

    "A Stunning View." Limited Edition serigraph #34/75 with cross-hatched & canvas matting in an ornately carved gold frame.
    Retails at  $956.00
  • Thomas Kinkade "Cobblestone Lane I"

    "Cobblestone Lane I." Limited Edition #1318/2950 offset lithograph with a canvas matting & brass trim in a dark cherry frame with ornately carved designs.
  • White & Gold Gilded Wall Mirror

    White & Gold Gilded Wall Mirror. Carved wooden white frame with factory antiqued crackled finish, and ornate gilded trim and molding, beveled mirror.
  • M. Byers "Grace" Artwork

    "Grace." Colonial era image of a girl at a table with white & blue matting in a beveled walnut frame.
    Retails at  $120.00
  • Large Black Wall Mirror

    Beveled rectangular wall mirror in a black faux leather frame with large gold square nailhead inner trim.
    Retails at  $200.00
  • "Hide and Seek" By Bev Doolittle

    "Hide and Seek." Limited Edition #21967/25000 print with burgundy matting in a brown frame.
  • Fruit Motif Artwork

    Fruit motif artwork in a fluted gold composite frame, with black & gold hand painted corner designs.
  • "Meditaranean View" Textured Print By S.K.J.

    "Meditaranean View" By S.K.J. Textured Print. Features grape vines and yellow roses overlooking the sea, in a factory antiqued black frame with ornate gold inner trim.
  • Metal Wall Mirror

    Metal wall mirror w/ scrolling metal vine trim with leaves, and a green patina antiqued finish.
  • Sun Burst Wall Mirror

    Sun Burst Wall Mirror. Round beveled wall mirror with sun burst shaped mottled silver and bronze frame.
  • West Elm Leather Strap Wall Mirror

    Leather Strap Wall Mirror. Round wall mirror with natural maple frame, and brown leather strap with antique brass nailhead accents.
    Retails at  $200.00
  • Pomm Purple Door Fall Artwork

    Purple Door Fall Artwork. Features gold, beige, purple, and tan matting in a brushed platinum frame. Limited Edition #479/750.
  • Pomm Tan Door Holly Artwork

    Tan Door Holly Artwork. Features brown, beige, green, and rose matting in a brushed platinum frame. Limited Edition #479/750.
  • Pomm Brown Door Spring Artwork

    Brown Door Spring Artwork. Features green, taupe, rose, and beige matting in a brushed platinum frame. Limited Edition #479/750.
  • Griff "Sweet Sixteen"

    "Sweet Sixteen." Golf course artwork with sage & forest green matting in a beveled wood frame. Limited Edition #20/2000.