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  • 'Many Voices Once Heard' by Don Munz

    'Many Voices Once Heard' by Don Munz features triple matting in white, red, and olive, gold frame with red undertones, artwork depicts stone steps through a sunlit garden.
  • Marty Bell 'My Garden"

    Signed limited edition #302/750 print by Marty Bell features a bright rendition of a beautiful well-kept floral garden, a single linen mat with a gold trim, and an ornate wooden frame with a dark finish.
  • Sailboats in Harbor Print

    Harbor artwork features 4 boats sailing on a cloudy day, with a dark green wooden frame.
  • Unframed Canvas Sailboat Artwork

    Unframed canvas sailboat artwork features a 3 mast schooner flying an "America" flag, with a lighthouse in the background.
  • "Bucks" Artwork

    "Bucks" Artwork
  • "Buffalo" Artwork

    "Buffalo" Artwork
  • B/W "Leopard" Framed Print

    B/W "Lepoard" Framed Print, black frame, white mat.
  • Abstract Pose Framed Art

    Abstract pose framed art features a stylized depiction of woman in an abstract pose, and a black frame.
  • World Map Print, Textured, Framed

    Framed and textured world map
  • Framed Waterscape Print

    Framed Waterscape Print
  • Framed Cowhide Map

    Framed Cowhide Map
  • Framed Solar System Print

    Framed Solar System Print
  • Lady with Umbrella Framed & Textured Print

    Framed and textured print Lady with Umbrella
  • Seascape Original Oil

    Original oil painting features a warm pine frame and depicts a cloudy seascape with the sun coming through the clouds and gulls flying over the waves.
  • Framed Art - Evening at Stillwater

    Pine trees in a meadow with a small creek hand-textured print - no glass. Brushed silver frame.
  • Framed Art - Sunset Rendezvous

    Hot air balloons at sunset hand-textured print. Brushed Gold Frame.
  • Framed Art - Meadow Pines

    Tall pine trees in a meadow by a lake hand-textured print- no glass. Black frame with bronze highlights.
  • Framed Art - Out of the Frost

    Pair of wolves in a snowy landscape hand-textured print - no glass, brushed silver frame with black details.
  • Framed Art - Flower Field

    Field of purple flowers & trees framed canvas print. Brushed silver frame.
  • Framed Art - Peace of Mind

    Long pier over a still lake. Hand-textured print -no glass. Brown frame with gold highlights
  • Framed Art - Small One

    Young deer in a field of grass. Hand textured print. Hand finished restored grey wood frame.
  • "Pheasant" by C. E. McGlothlin

    Artist signed limited edition print #374/450, "Pheasant" by C. E. McGlothlin features a male and female pheasant flying through a savannah with a background birch forest, a two-tone wooden frame, and a triple matting in tan, brown, & dark brown.
  • Art La May "The Boys"

    Artist signed "The Boys" by Art La May features 5 mallard ducks in a row, a green matting with a black trim, and a medium gloss brown wooden frame.
  • Framed Poster Artwork 'Pêcheurs'

    Framed poster artwork 'Pêcheurs' features Colorful fishing motif poster, and vintage styling.
  • Framed Poster Artwork 'Pêcheurs'

    Framed poster artwork 'Pêcheurs' features Colorful fishing motif poster, and vintage styling.
  • John Morton Barber 'Guardian of Diamond Shoals'

    Signed limited edition #483/950 print by John Morton Barber features the famous Cape Hatteras lighthouse with its signature neighbouring shores. Single blue matting, and rustic wooden frame.
  • Lil Parkinson Set of 5 Oil Paintings

    Set of 5 oil paintings features five similar lakeside landscapes with birch trees in the foreground, black velvet trim, and an ornate antique gold frame. Dimensions: (14" x 14", 22"x 14", 40"x 41").