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Acceptance Requirements

Your conditionally approved items must meet the acceptance requirements as outlined below. If you are uncertain if your items meet these requirements, please contact us to discuss further.

Acceptance Requirements:

General: Please understand that we must be very particular concerning the condition of the items we can accept. Items accepted for consignment should be in very excellent to "like new" condition, and less than about 10 years of age (about 6 years for upholstered items). We occasionally consider items that are older than this if we feel there is still strong demand for the style, if the items have been exceptionally well maintained, are in "like new" or restored condition, and all of the following relevant conditions are met.

Please note: At this time we are very heavy on sofas and loveseats, and we are therefore only accepting those that strictly adhere to our acceptance requirements.

Upholstered Items:

  • All upholstery must be absolutely clean and free of any discoloration, inconsistency, smoke or pet odors, pet hair, stains, or tears, and must have very little indication of wear.
  • Must identify the manufacturer’s name with a manufacturer’s name brand label attached to the item (must show a manufacturer name, not simply material content), or it must be a custom upholstered-to-order item.
  • Must be from a smoke-free home.
  • Legs and frame must be sturdy with no wobble.
  • Pay particular attention to the condition of the cushions and springs. Cushions and pillows must show no sagging or be out of shape. When setting down, the cushion and springs must be firm and supportive ("sinkers" will not be accepted).
  • Mechanical operation on motion furniture (i.e. recliners, sofa beds, etc.) must function properly and move smoothly and easily.

Case Goods: (i.e. dining sets, cabinets, dressers, entertainment centers, curios, etc)

  • Glass and mirrors must be scratch-free and have no chips on the edges.
  • The finish and paint on solid surfaces must be consistent over all the surfaces (especially the primary surfaces such as top and front), and well maintained
  • Must be from a smoke-free home
  • No watermarks, discoloration, fading or other noticeable flaws or scratches (a "noticeable flaw" is one which can be seen at a distance of 2 feet or more under bright lighting).
  • Legs and frame must be sturdy with no wobble.
  • Furniture must not have loose, broken, or missing hardware, worn drawer rails or drawers and cabinet doors that do not operate smoothly and close correctly
  • Table slides must open and close easily.
  • Finish on leaves must not be darker or lighter than the table halves (this can happen if the leaves are usually stored away).
  • No "self assembled" or "DIY" furniture (purchased flat and assembled at home, and pieces connected together using 'Cam-Locks".)
  • Entertainment centers must have a minimum 55" width (measured left to right) in the area which is to contain the television. Entertainment armoires are no longer accepted.

If you feel we would accept the items based on the acceptance criteria as outlined above, you may bring in your items any day between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Alternatively, your items can be picked up by Dealers Installation Service for a small fee. The standard rate for pick up (within 20 miles of our store) is $60 for the first piece, and $10 per piece thereafter ($5 per dining chair). Please note that items such as beds and china cabinets are considered to be multiple pieces. Additional fees apply for stairs, extra mileage, and items over 150 lbs.

To schedule a pick up of your pre-approved items, click this link (or copy/paste into your web browser) to fill out the Pick Up Request form .  You may also contact Dealers Installation Service by phone to schedule your pick up. 541-221-2128.

It's very important that your furniture is absolutely clean and ready to sell (dusted - but no polish please, and vacuumed) when it arrives at our store.  If items received for consignment require cleaning or minor repairs, we reserve the right refuse the consignment and you will need to have the item removed at your expense within 24 hours. If we agree to make minor repairs or perform light cleaning in-house, you will be charged our shop rate of $40 per hour plus the cost of any cleaning or repair materials used.