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Green Jadeite Link 18K Yellow Gold Wide Diamond Cut Necklace


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Green Jadeite Link 18K Yellow Gold Wide Diamond Cut Necklace

The look of this signed, high-end 18 karat yellow gold necklace with dark green jadeite jade links is stunning. In addition, the craftsmanship is exceptional as demonstrated by the number of time-intensive custom features.

First, is the captivating mix of the deeply saturated forest green hues of the jade, along with the lighter, variegated colors in the jadeite jade cabochons that were chosen for this piece. It's hard to look away from those rich and calming colors. The consignor has advised that the jade was graded as Type B jade by Bonhams, which means the original colors have not been altered.

Secondly, in the event you'd prefer to wear an all-gold look, the backs of the three 1.125" x .625" rectangular jadeite jade links have been crafted with an open design. I'm not sure what the symbology is meant to represent, but the design is pleasing and looks contemporary.

Third and fourth, is the substantive and wide 13.50mm(w) diamond cut design of the 18 karat yellow gold chain and the alternating two-tone bright and matte contrasting finishes in the chain after every 4th link. The variation adds depth and interest.

And lastly, the wide, hidden box clasp with taut foldover safety means this necklace will be secure around your neck. #A.

From the clasp to the bottom of the dangling link measures 9".

Stamps: 18K, AB (trademark)

  • Material = 18K Gold
  • Metal Finish = Bright Polish Finish
  • Gemstone = Jadeite
  • Shape/Cut = Rectangle
  • Gem Color = Green
  • Weight (Grams) = 58.89G
  • Condition = Exc. Cond.

Item ID: 100160

Category: Necklace

Note: This item has been inspected and appraised by a GIA Graduate Gemologist Appraiser.

Diamond origin is tested using a GIA iD100 Gem Testing Device. Unless indicated otherwise, all diamonds are to be considered natural, earth-mined diamonds. All man-made, laboratory-grown, laboratory-created, or synthetic diamonds are well marked on the price tag as well as in the website description.

All diamond and gemstone grading is done under GIA standards as the mounting permits. All gemstone weights and measurements are approximate. Unless otherwise stated, colored gemstones may have commonly used clarity and color enhancing treatments per industry standards.

Prospective buyers should note that all jewelry we sell is 'used' and will likely have some amount of wear, we warranty that the item will be essentialy as we have described it, but no other warranties are expressed or implied, and all items are sold 'as is'.

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