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  • "After Winter Comes Spring" By D. Morgan

    "After Winter Comes Spring" By D. Morgan. Landscape motif artwork in a beige frame with gold trim accents, and green & mottled gold double matting.
  • "American Pride" Sculpture by Max Turner

    "American Pride" Sculpture by Max Turner. Features a cast bronze eagle with an American flag and a green marble base.
    Retails at  $550.00
  • "Annie's Garden" Michael Hurd Artwork

    Clearance Priced! "Annie's Garden" Michael Hurd Artwork with rose and taupe matting in a marbled composite frame. Limited edition #386/490 is hand-signed and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
    Retails at  $1000.00
  • "Beauty of Blossom I & II"

    "Beauty of Blossom I & II." Pair of bright floral prints with gold & white matting in a bronze-brushed frame with a beaded trim.
  • "C" Table, Gold Finish Metal w/Faux Marble Top

    "C" Table, Gold Finish Metal w/Faux Marble Top
  • "Circle Of Two" by Nesbit

    "Circle Of Two" by Nesbit
  • "Copper Leaves II" Framed Print

    "Copper Leaves II" Framed Print. Layered triple matting, and fluted square frame with brushed gold finish.
    Retails at  $387.00
  • "Eagle Heart" By Bev Doolittle

    "Eagle Heart" By Bev Doolittle. Signed limited edition print #18576/48000, in a mahogany wood frame with beige and black double matting.
  • "Maple Trees" Framed Print

    "Maple Trees" Framed Print. Triple matting in charcoal, sand, & antique brass, and rich mahogany frame.
    Retails at  $867.00
  • "Members Only" by Steve Kushner

    "Members Only" by Steve Kushner. Signed limited edition print #1642/1750. Hidden bear artwork features blue and white double matting, in a cherry wood frame.
  • "Moonlight" Artwork

    "Moonlight" artwork features a dark wood frame.
  • "Orsina" Silver Finish Dining Table w/4Chairs

    "Orsina" Silver Finish Dining Table w/4Chairs. Mirrored apron, turned legs; 4 chairs with crystal button tuft and pearl vinyl seat upholstery. "Brand New, Online Order Cancellation Item"

    "Length" dimension shown below does not include leaves.
  • "Sacred Ground" By Bev Doolittle

    "Sacred Ground" By Bev Doolittle. Limited edition print #43388/69996, certificate of authenticity, double signed, and double matting in a beveled wood frame.
  • "Scarab" Multi-Gemstone Bracelet

    Circa 1950s vintage, gold-filled bracelet measures 7.5" in length, comprises 7 oval-shape (13.5 x 17mm) carved gemstones "scarabs" (rose quartz, bloodstone, tiger-eye quartz, carnelian, green and pink chalcedony, lapis or howlite) and a safety chain.
  • "Sea Hath Pearls" By W.H. Margetson

    "Sea Hath Pearls" By W.H. Margetson. Ocean motif print in a gold composite frame with carved details.
  • "Season Of The Eagle" By Bev Doolittle

    "Season Of The Eagle" By Bev Doolittle. Limited edition #17118/36548, signed, and double matting in a beveled wood frame.
  • "Winter Quarters" By Richard Bollinger

    "Winter Quarters" By Richard Bollinger. Limited edition print #758/850, in a cherry wood frame with tan, green & white triple matting.