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  • Howard Miller
    79th Anniversary Edition Grandfather Clock

    79th Anniversary Edition Grandfather Clock. Features golden oak hardwoods and veneer case, shell and vine overlay bonnet top with polished brass details and hardware.
    Retails at  $3400.00
  • Maitland Smith
    Mini Grandfather Clock

    Mini Grandfather Clock. Features tower shape, two-tone mahogany and antique brass. Battery Powered
    Retails at  $4000.00
  • Kitchen Kaboodle Distressed Wall Clock

    Distressed Wall Clock. Heavily distressed, battery powered.
  • Pottery Barn Dual Faced Clock

    Dual Faced Clock. Features battery powered, wall mounted with swivel display and western hemisphere motif.
  • Howard Miller Mantel Clock

    Mantel clock is crowned with a decorative molding and features rare triangular, Carpathian elm burl overlays, off-white dial with Arabic numerals and polished brass bezel, and beaded dentil molding surrounds the sculptured base and finished in golden oak.
    Retails at  $270.00
  • Wood & Metal Wall Clock

    Wood & Metal Wall Clock features an ornate scrolling design
  • 30x30 Wood Paris Clock

    30x30 Wood Paris Clock
  • Herschede 'Marietta' Grandfather Clock

    'Marietta' Grandfather Clock. Model 505 'Marietta', features tubular chime, lunar clock face and glass sides. Includes original manuals.
  • Black Metal Wall Clock

    Black metal wall clock features a white face, roman numerals and measures 16" in diameter.
  • Bombay Co. Table Clock

    Battery powered table clock with single drawer, jewelry storage, and thermometer.
  • Black & White Wooden Wall Clock

    Black & White Wooden Wall Clock
  • Roman Numeral Metal Wall Clock

    Roman Numeral Metal Wall Clock
  • Rectangular Table Clock, bronze,

    Rectangular Table Clock, bronze, 49 Bond Street, London
  • Round Table Clock w/Round Shackle

    Round Table Clock w/Round Shackle
  • Steel/Aluminum 6" Table Clock

    Steel/Aluminum 6" Table Clock