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  • Gazo Family Clock Factory "Palo Alto" Wall Clock

    The "Palo Alto" Sculptured Wall Clock. Features antique brass face with etched floral design, fluted pillars, turned finals and intercatly carved pediment.
  • Iron Frame Wall Clock

    Battery-powered wall clock with a mottled iron frame and scrolling accents.
  • Honey Oak Regulator Wall Clock

    Honey Oak Regulator Wall Clock. Features ornately carved floral designs, brass pendulum and face.
  • Maitland Smith
    Mini Grandfather Clock

    Mini Grandfather Clock. Features tower shape, two-tone mahogany and antique brass. Battery Powered
    Retails at  $4000.00
  • Kitchen Kaboodle Distressed Wall Clock

    Distressed Wall Clock. Heavily distressed, battery powered.
  • Pottery Barn Dual Faced Clock

    Dual Faced Clock. Features battery powered, wall mounted with swivel display and western hemisphere motif.
  • Wood & Metal Wall Clock

    Wood & Metal Wall Clock features an ornate scrolling design
  • 30x30 Wood Paris Clock

    30x30 Wood Paris Clock
  • Herschede 'Marietta' Grandfather Clock

    'Marietta' Grandfather Clock. Model 505 'Marietta', features tubular chime, lunar clock face and glass sides. Includes original manuals.
  • Black Metal Wall Clock

    Black metal wall clock features a white face, roman numerals and measures 16" in diameter.
  • Bombay Co. Table Clock

    Battery powered table clock with single drawer, jewelry storage, and thermometer.
  • Black & White Wooden Wall Clock

    Black & White Wooden Wall Clock
  • Roman Numeral Metal Wall Clock

    Roman Numeral Metal Wall Clock
  • Rectangular Table Clock, bronze,

    Rectangular Table Clock, bronze, 49 Bond Street, London
  • Round Table Clock w/Round Shackle

    Round Table Clock w/Round Shackle
  • Steel/Aluminum 6" Table Clock

    Steel/Aluminum 6" Table Clock