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Circa 1830s-1890s Victorian Era Gold-In-Quartz Necklace


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Circa 1830s-1890s Victorian Era Gold-In-Quartz Necklace

Circa mid-to-late Victorian era, yellow gold cable-link chain necklace measures approximately 18 inches long and comprises 8 marquise-shape (~13 x 6 mm), gold double-sided links set with polished gold-in-quartz tablets, alternating with gold links decorated with black enamel tracery in a "Greek Key" design.
The clasp bears the only visible quality mark "10kt", total necklace weight is 28.9 pennyweight.
Includes fair market value appraisal from independent gem lab for $5,500.
Note: "Gold-In-Quartz" Jewelry is so-named because in includes pieces of the as-mined quartz bearing gold veins first discovered during the California "gold rush" of the mid 1800's. This jewelry became very popular after the discovery and spawned a "niche jewelry" industry featuring native California gold nuggets and gold-in-quartz specimens. Although modern gold-in-quartz jewelry is still produced, this piece is emblematic of Victoria era style as it incorporates other contemporaneous design elements, such as black enamel tracery and the Greek key design motif.

  • Length = 18 in
  • Gemstone = Quartz
  • Condition = Exc. Cond.

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Category: Necklace

Height Width Length/Depth
18 "
1.00 lbs
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